Sahiti’s fourth month

Dear little Sahiti,

Right after you turned three months old, your efforts bore fruit. One Sunday morning you rolled over as if you have been doing it forever and is no big deal. Thankfully, you gave us enough warning to grab our video cameras to record it. Here is a video of you rolling over for the first time and like always please ignore my annoying squeaks.

After that first time, you refused to stay on your back. Even in your sleep you insisted on rolling over and sleeping on your tummy giving me mini heart attacks each time. But when you were awake, it was such a delight to watch you.

You learnt to support your neck well and during your favorite pose was to lay on your stomach, prop yourself up on your elbows and watch the goings-on like a little lion cub. Your eyes never missed watching me as I walked back and forth doing things around the house. When something I did looked funny to you, you even let out a shriek of excitement.

Sadly, during your fourth month, we had to wean you off breast milk and introduce you to infant formula. I knew I would feel guilty about it forever and I still do. But somehow, parenting became super easy, once you switched to formula. From the beginning, breastfeeding was the biggest parenting challenge for me. You did not latch on well and it did not help that I had cracking and bleeding nipples. The pain of sitting up to feed you right after a C-section, still makes me anxious.

To ease the pain and frustration, I pumped and gave you breast milk in a bottle. But being alone with you all day, made it difficult to keep up with the pumping every couple of hours. Finally, I gave up in your fourth month. I feel bad for not continuing but it also gave me extra time with you. You did not seem like a responsibility anymore. You were a fun little baby I loved playing and cuddling up with.

Milestones reached this month: You learned to roll-over after trying hard for about a month.

Firsts this month: Our friends decided to do a photoshoot featuring you for us and how well did you co-operate! Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot.


About NM

A very ordinary girl, trying to be a better mother to make little Sahiti an extraordinary person.
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4 Responses to Sahiti’s fourth month

  1. That first roll over video is just so precious!

    You can hear me and H squealing all the way in Paapu’s first rollover video too 😉

    The pumping can be frustrating especially if you are alone with the baby and none else to take care. If she could speak, I think Sahiti would have thanked you for the quality mommy time more than the breast milk , so stop feeling guilty. You tried as far as you can anyway, didn’t you?

    Those photos were clicked by friends? I thought they were professional! Introduce me to them pls 😀

    • NM says:

      Yeah, I remember that video of Paapu.
      Thanks a lot for the kind words AHK. Coming from a super mom like you, it means a lot to me.

  2. I loved watched the video 🙂 I can see how excited you both were to see her roll over for the first time 🙂 Oh btw, I love the way you laugh 🙂

    Those pics, like AHK, I thought were taken professionally in a studio or something. They are just wow!

    AHK – now please to be posting one of Paapu’s videos – first roll over, first burp…anything 😀

    • NM says:

      hahahaaa…you love the way I laugh, right 😀
      Yeah, this friend of mine really did an excellent job with Sahiti’s pictures. One of the best set of pictures of her so far!

      AHK: Yeah, videos of Paapu are hereby demanded!

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