Sahiti’s second month

Dear little Sahiti,

Before I knew it, you were a month-old and began moving your arms and feet around trying hard to get going. Your favorite thing to do at that time was to move your right arm as if you were delivering a spin ball, much to your Nanna’s delight and make coo-ing noises amusing everyone.

The routine around that time was that you would wake up around 6am and be fed. You were then handed over to Ammamma to be taken care of while Nanna and I caught up on some sleep. Rest of the day used to be spentΒ  bathing you, feeding you, changing you and taking you out for a walk on a bright day with very little time for anything else. One morning, when you were about 7-8 weeks old, I woke-up, fed you and handed over to Ammamma and went back to bed. I heard noises and came out to check and found you giggling away to glory in Ammamma’s lap. This is the most fond memory I have of your newborn days.

Unfortunately, your second month also was one of your worst in terms of crying. You seemed to have some mild colic and cried incessantly everyday for a couple of hours. Every evening, you would start around 6 and go on until you got tired and slept at 9. Something would trigger it off and nothing could soothe you. Not feeding, not a diaper change, not a warm bath, not a massage, not a pacifier, not gripe water ,nothing. Just when I thought I was turning a corner and recovering from a major surgery and began to love taking care of you, this cast serious doubts on my confidence. Plans were canceled, invitations to dinners were rejected. We even stopped cooking in the evenings because we didn’t want the strong odors to irritate your tiny little nose.

By 6 every evening, Nanna and I would adjust the temperature in the house to be comfortable for you. Put on some calming music, turn the lights down and gently rock you. We would do this for a couple of hours before you slowly slept. Over the course of your second month, we overcame this problem for the most part, when it was time for your first set of vaccinations.

I can never forget the look on your face and how much you cried when you got your first shot of injections. They gave you a total of 3 injections and each time you crying got worse. I spent the rest of day holding you in my arms with the fear of a negative reaction to the immunizations or your fever getting worse. However, you were a brave little girl and got better and were back to your normal self in 2 days.

Milestones reached this month: Learning to smile voluntarily and cooing when ou were feeling particularly excited.

Firsts this month: You watched your first movie in a theater. We dragged you to watch Tangled in 3D. You also went on your first hike this month.

Getting ready for a hike in her Reindeer suit.

Looking forward to many more hikes, movies and fun with you!




About NM

A very ordinary girl, trying to be a better mother to make little Sahiti an extraordinary person.
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4 Responses to Sahiti’s second month

  1. omg! that picture is just priceless!!

  2. Hey..had no idea about this new site- all bright and shiny with picture updates et all!

    Glad I somehow landed here today πŸ˜€

    Read up all the ( few, really) posts I missed and smiled a LOT πŸ™‚

    Very beautiful and honest – the frustrations, the anxiety, the overwhelming love and happiness – takes me back to those first few months with Paapu.

    Write are still in her 2nd month here girl πŸ˜‰

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