The pregnancy update

Here is a quick update on how the pregnancy is progressing so far:

  • At 17 weeks and 4 days, I finally feel like I have my energy back. I do have the occasional bouts of laziness but none of that dead tired feeling every morning.
  • My biggest concern has been my weight. For the first time ever, I am worried about not gaining enough weight. Pregnancy guides tell me I should have gained at least 4-5 pounds by now, but I have not registered even a a single additional pound on that scale, yet.
  • It seems like I have developed some kind of photophobia. Every time I step outside into bright sunlight, I have a brain splitting headache.
  • I do not have a noticeable baby bump. I am still at that, “is she pregnant or just fat” stage.
  • My boobs have quit being the bitches they were for the past couple of months. And I must say I am enjoying the extra cleavage 🙂
  • Everyday, the first thing I do when I wake up is rub my belly to see if I can feel that firmness in my lower abdomen, which I think is my womb.
  • My mom asks me every other day if I felt the baby move yet. Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t know what to look out for. I probably felt the baby move but did not know it was the baby.
  • I am waiting for the genetic screening test results to come back. I hope the results are nothing bad and that our baby is safe and healthy.
  • We have the option of finding the gender of the baby in two weeks. So far we want to find out to be better prepared. Part of me also wants that huge Surprise.

On a side note, it was such an eventful week for us. JG got a fantastic job offer. He actually had two job offers and he made a decision yesterday after a lot of drama and bollywood style twists. In the end, he thinks he made a very bold and risky choice, something that he believes he would love in the future. I really hope he is right. Also, we just finished booking a trip to Toronto. It was a work trip for JG, to give an invited lecture, which I tagged along and converted into a 5 day vacation. Apparently, a vacation while expecting a baby is called BabyMoon. Who knew! I am super excited about the trip and can’t wait for the last week of May to get here soon enough.


About NM

A very ordinary girl, trying to be a better mother to make little Sahiti an extraordinary person.
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